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Piles of Leaves {Cincinnati Family Photography}

This Family session was in one of my favorite spots. The forest is like a fairyland and I’m always expecting leprachauns to jump out.  On this day I could barely find my way there because the fog was so thick that I couldn’t see the road.  Once we all arrived, the day turned out to be perfect for pictures. The woods was misty and full of color. This family isn’t smiling at a leprechaun, but at a thirty person hiking group who was wandering past what I thought was a deserted little spot.

Such a fun family, and they coordinated perfectly with the location! Love this shot.


 playing in leaves



This is Autumn. Love it.


Everyone needs a big brother like Cooper.


brother hug

In Autumn, when the leaves start to change, babies are just waiting for us to turn our backs for a second. They all, including Ellie, have their minds on one thing.


After months and months of nothing but milk, can you blame her?


Cooper was the king of kisses.


Everyone got one.


I didn’t get a kiss, but this smile was good enough for me!



Thanks for your great smiles, and a fun session. Enjoy your sneak preview.

in the tree

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