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Sure, No Problem {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

Nick hasn’t changed much from the laid back guy he was in eighth grade, when I was his art teacher. During his senior session I was giving him a million instructions, “smile, lean , step left, put your hand on your hip, don’t step on that squirrel, can you go get me a cup of coffee?” You name it. 😉  Probably not a guy’s idea of a fun evening, especially after school all day, football all afternoon, and five minutes to shower and be at our location. But Nick was all smiles, “fine with me”and “sure, no problem”. Well, except for the cup of coffee part. No one ever listens to that one. 🙁 It’s great catching up with good kids and finding out that they are older, taller, but still the same great kid, from the same great family.

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