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Toss up {Cincinnati Children’s Photography}

Spent this entire session trying to decide which I love the most; noses sprinkled with freckles, strawberry blonde hair, ringlets of boingy curls, giant baby blues, or lashes so long that they curl back upon themselves.  Ughhhh, it’s a toss up. Can’t pick a favorite cute little feature, and they have them all!  Been staring at these images all day.The only thing I’ve decided?  Maggie and Mason are two of the cheek pinchingly cutest kids I’ve ever met.

DSC_5580 DSC_5570DSC_5561DSC_5551DSC_5558DSC_5535DSC_5530DSC_5521DSC_5523DSC_5622DSC_5625DSC_5586DSC_5587DSC_5636DSC_5594DSC_5649DSC_5657DSC_5676Untitled-1DSC_5729DSC_5742DSC_5718DSC_5766

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