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Track Record {Cincinnati High School Senior Portraits}

Abby really wanted her Senior Portraits on the railroad tracks. I knew a little spot where the light was perfect, and as a bonus, the location even came with wild flowers. As another bonus, the location also came with railroad employees, and we were promptly kicked off. Fortunately, I shot fast enough to get everything we needed before we were chased down by Federal agents with their weapons drawn. Well, not really chased, and more like, politely asked to leave by two gentleman in a mini van.  But, I’m a bit of a rule following fraidy cat, so it seemed very “high speed chase” from my perspective. 😉 I was all nerves after that, but my gorgeous model remained cool, calm, and well; gorgeous. Grace under pressure; Abby’s got everything she needs to deal with Senior pictures and college.  Great meeting you Abby, even if it was on the wrong side of the tracks. 😉


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