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Watch Them Grow

When I photograph a newborn session, I get to see the story from the beginning. Just days in. Still trying to figure out how much to feed them, learning what the sound of a particular cry means, feeling the effects of five or six nights of next to nothing sleep.

Overwhelmed with just how much one can love some one in a day, and overcome with happiness.

And I just love when I get to see the next chapter, my chance to see how they’ve grown together.

A whole year as a family. He’s no longer new. They know him as well as themselves, and each other, and love him with ten times the capacity of both of their hearts.

They are no longer trying to figure out the cries, but instead are enjoying the laughter.

They once held him cautiously and gingerly; a fragile little package wrapped in a diaper and smelling of baby powder.

Now they throw him joyfully into the sky above their outstretched arms; their perfect toddler, wrapped in hugs and smelling of birthday cake.

Overwhelmed with how just much one can love someone in a year, and still overcome with happiness.



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