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Afternoon Sun

I arrived to a house that was trying it’s best to be a lullaby. The air conditioner, the television- the whole place was operating in whisper mode. Even the cat was without a meow. Peaceful and still.

And there was Megan. Her freckles dancing a path from her petite nose, across her cheeks, and down to her lips which were smiling sweetly at the baby girl snoozing on her chest.

I had been “x-ing” off rainy days on the calendar by the bucketful, and the day I planned to photograph Evie, I was even a bit worried there wouldn’t be enough light for the session.

Then I saw them there. The way the light hit them, I was sure the sun was shining right through that glass.

It didn’t surprise me.

Something about those freckles and her sweet disposition. And though I don’t know Josh well, his smile tells me the same story.

Happiness is all around them, only now it’s in their arms.

So I guess it’s not impossible that on a dark rainy day, two people smiling at their beautiful daughter, could make it seem that the afternoon sun was shining through the window as the breeze blew the curtains across the sill.







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