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Not Gray

Rain all day.

Of the, “I can’t see the road in front of me, as the enormous puddle sprays my windshield” variety.

I’ve noticed, the local news has noticed, everyone is down about these endless clouds.

It’s been gray all day, every day, since I had to dig my winter coat out of the closet a month ago.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s breakfast time or three’o’clock.

Umbrella-less me grumbled a bit about it as I walked through their door.”Really gray, No sun to be found, Will this ever end?”, etc .etc.

And then I instantly looked like the world’s worst meteorologist.

Turns out while it was raining everywhere else,

Their whole world was bathed in light;

They were basking in the joy of a nine pound bundle of sunshine.

Turns out the best insulation against cold wet winter days,

Is the sweetest little baby boy nestled in your arms.

If it was raining, they hadn’t noticed.

Not a cloud in their sky.