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Vivian Turned Toddler

Vivi’s mom warned me it might be a challenging session, as her one year old had recently turned into a bonafide toddler.

I showed up expecting to follow a wobbly- stepped baby exactly five steps down the hall, until gravity took over, and she landed flat on her diapered bottom.

But I quickly found out,Vivian is certainly no newbie to walking.

As a matter of fact, at one point I found the “wobbly walker” dancing on the coffee table  (She really knows how to enjoy a birthday party) 😉

In the three hundred and sixty days since I first met her, Vivi has grown into a beautiful, joyful, spunky, little girl, with a mom and dad who just can’t stop smiling at her.

And while she may be quite speedy these days, photographing her and her wonderful family could never be a challenge.





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