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Nap When The Baby Naps

When the second child arrives it becomes a bit of a balancing act.

The baby, the toddler, and the pot roast all seem to need your attention at once.

And while your mind can rest easier without first-time parent nervousness,

Your body certainly rests less.

“Nap when the baby naps” just became nap when two babies nap, and what are the odds on that?

Now that you are a coffee- drinking, multi-tasking, parent of two;

Sleep is less, time is shorter, and the house which is filled to capacity with toddler toys and baby diapers may have just magically shrunk.

But your heart?

You’d swear it’s doubled in size from just one week ago.

Who would have thought this busy dance of parenting two, could have filled your heart and arms so perfectly?










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