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In six years, Jordan will jump off the school bus and turn her cheek to reach her mom’s waiting pucker.

She’ll anticipate that kiss-

Cartoons before breakfast, her favorite peanut butter sandwich in the bottom of her pink unicorn lunch bag, and that kiss.

One in the morning, one before school, one at bedtime-

And of course all the ones squeezed in between (they’ll cover her face like freckles).

This family, all of them, the whole big bunch-

They are always right there leaning in to your cheek.


Constant, welcoming, and wonderfully magnified.

The grandmas are like moms, the aunts are like sisters, and the phone calls feel like arms embracing you.

This lucky little girl, she’ll always feel warm;

Winter, Summer, baby blanket or not.





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  1. Wow love them all. That Jordan is such a beautiful baby. Great job as usual Julie.

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