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Swings, That’s It

Probably the last summer of baby swings, those long legs are itching to learn to pump-

Swing on her own, without a push.

Funny how they do that-

Out grow the baby swing when we turn around to grab the sunscreen from the diaper bag.

A whole playground  in front of her, but she just wanted to go “Higher Mom!”.

Swings, that’s it.

Finally, her three year old toes managed to touch the fluffy white clouds.

Then from “way up there” she spotted the green slide.


Just like that she’s on to the next thing, her orange shoes flip-flopping behind her.

Seems like a big jump-

Three years of memories in that little bucket seat.

Baby toes and pacifiers.

But for her it’s just another adventure.

Just swings, that’s it.




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