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North Pole Coal Company

We always hope that you make the nice list, but if you’ve been naughty,

The employees of North Pole Coal have been working tirelessly

To make sure your stocking is still filled…

2019_christmas_2019-02472019_north_pole_coal-35402019_christmas_2019-02542019_christmas_2019-02532019_north_pole_coal-3625_8102019_north_pole_coal-35472019_christmas_2019-02742019_christmas_2019-02832019_north_pole_coal-3636BusinessCard_doran_santa_2019Interested in some lumps to fill your stocking? Be sure to click the link check out our official website: northpolecoalcompany.com2019_christmas_2019-0289

Since I made a website this year, I needed some models for our customer testimonials.

And as luck would have it, my nephews found themselves on the wrong end of Santa’s list (not a good place to be, but my sister didn’t mind since it made a cute Christmas card for their family).

But they’re still nice (even when they are naughty)2019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-32262019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-32082019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-31832019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-31662019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-33302019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-34402019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-34332019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-34912019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-33562019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-33982019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-3238

2019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-32922019_dockendorff_christmas_cards-3416Merry Christmas from our families, to yours!

Here are links to some of my Christmas stories in years past (click the year):


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  1. You always have a way to put a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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